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Katy Perry Naked


Katy Perry Naked

Katy Perry Sexy Fake

Just a sexy Katy Perry semi nude fake. However, it is rather expressive, featuring Katy Perry squatting elegantly in high-heeled shoes. The very few of her clothes do not prevent us from seeing her plump breasts and her exposed camel toe. Pity, but it's very difficult to read the writing in the corner of the pic, the letters are almost unreadable, so we may only guess whose product it is...

katy perry sexy fake

Want it a bit hotter? Take a look at Paris Hilton squatting naked!

Posted: 05:45, 2013-Feb-8
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Katy Perry Naked In Tropical Garden

A wonderful fantasy featuring very natural looks of naked Katy Perry posing outdoors, somewhere in tropics. Well, that is what paradise must look like! In fact, the idea of placing a beautiful nude girl in a tropical garden is very popular. Here's Beyonce, for example, with her marvelous ass exposed amid exotic plants and flowers. Doesn't she make a nice set together with Katy? And we may hope that when we leave the forest canopy, we find ourselves on the sunny beach in company of another naked beauty, such as Jessica Alba. Oh God, Katy Perry is not the only naked dweller there, they wander around everywhere in that land!

katy perry naked in tropics

Posted: 02:48, 2012-Nov-21
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Nude Katy Perry In Bed

In fact, bed is the best place for a naked girl to spend time in. So this time, Katy Perry is given a wonderful opportunity of showing her beauty off, lying on snow-white linens.

katy perry gets loose in bed

Enjoy more celebrity bed-ins with Alexis Bledel and Lindsay Lohan!

Posted: 02:24, 2012-May-29
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Katy Perry Sticks Her Naked Butt Up

Katy Perry gets naked and very naughty, assuming seducing poses right on the floor. That foxy lady feels like playing a sexual game with you, sticking her nude butt up and swaying her buttocks. A funny Wayneski fake job.


katy perry poses with naked ass set up


One more Wayneski sample, now starring Kirsten Dunst.


Posted: 03:42, 2012-Jan-31
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Katy Perry Poses Undressed On Balcony

When it grows too hot inside, they go out to take a breath of fresh air and refresh their hot nude bodies in the open. If not in the backyard, then on the balcony. A warm evening after a day of hard work, and naked Katy Perry keeping your company - what other dream can be more attractive?


katy perry poses naked on the balcony


Victoria Justice Nude On The Terrace


Posted: 02:56, 2011-Dec-16
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Katy Perry Nude Rose Seductress

A marvelous nude fantasy starring Katy Perry created by Diabolicmastermind. This naked witch with the face of Katy Perry is about to seduce everyone who catches a single glimpse of her gorgeous body. And those pink roses provoke thoughts of Katy's hidden amenities, too...


naked seductress katy perry


Catherine Zeta-Jones Sexy and Seducing


Posted: 04:26, 2011-Oct-30
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Katy Perry Naked In The Wild

A wonderful sight of Katy Perry posing stark naked on a big rock. Katy obviously likes it herself, as she smiles happily and playfully, showing her naked beauty off. Take notice of the very cute cameltoe and pale marks of Katy's breasts left by a tiny bikini top. A very nice addition to the series of fake nude celebrities posing in the wild, such as nude Emma Watson posing outside or Jessica Simpson posing out of doors.


katy perry poses naked in the wild


Posted: 03:42, 2011-Oct-5
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Katy Perry Naked Christmas Celebration

Naked, to say nothing of high boots and Santa cap she has on, Katy Perry is ready for celebrating the merriest Christmas with her friends.


katy perry naked christmas girl


Nude Britney Spears Wearing Santa Cap and Fishnet Tights


Posted: 02:16, 2011-Sep-21
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Katy Perry Naked And Exposed

They did not stop at making Katy Perry take off her clothes, they made her sit with her legs set apart and her pussy exposed. A blue-colored wig on Katy's head and a few strings of beads on her naked body added a spicy touch to the whole picture.


katy perry exposed


Angelina Jolie Naked And Exposed


Posted: 00:36, 2011-Sep-8
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Katy Perry Naked Ass Fake

A nice little fake sample featuring Katy Perry caught naked in the shower stall. Although the resolution of the pic is very low, sweet Katy has got such a beautiful ass there that we just cannot pass it by.

katy perry naked ass


Lindsay Lohan Naked Ass Demonstration


Posted: 05:02, 2011-Aug-5
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Katy Perry Dressed Naked Again

Katy Perry Semi-Nude


There is one more fake pic featuring Katy Perry in the same hiding-nothing bikini. This time, she is lying on her side with her naked tits fully exposed. The same girl. But there's a remarkable detail. If you take a closer look at Katy's face here, you will see that it differs from the face in the previous pic, although it is the very same face. Which way? The left side has become the right side, and vice versa.

Posted: 02:41, 2011-Jun-29
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Katy Perry Dressed Naked

And the one for beginning, in fact, is not featuring Katy Perry perfectly naked. Sweet Katy has some pieces on, but... We can't call them clothes no matter how hard we try! These narrow straps of fabric can't even be called lingerie, as they are not hiding anything. Looking naked while wearing something... That is something!


katy perry dressed but naked


Another opportunity of getting naked while staying dressed is wearing fishnet.

See Miley Cyrus Dressed To Look Naked!



Posted: 05:41, 2011-Jun-11
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Katy Perry Naked

Hello, everybody who has been dreaming of seeing Katy Perry Naked! Now your dreams have come true! Although all of the images we are going to present here are fake, they are looking so natural that can substitute any of the original ones easily. So, let's start off with some of the most impressive naked fakes of Katy Perry available online now! And feel free to share your opinions on them with other worshippers of Katy Perry :)

Posted: 05:34, 2011-Jun-11
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